Week 1, June 4th

  • What the Shuck!?! vs. The Great Cornholios (3-0)
  • Baggers vs. We So Corny (1-2)
  • A-Maize-Bags vs. Cornadoes (3-0)

Week 2, June 11th

  • What the Shuck!?! vs. Cornadoes
  • The Great Cornholios vs. Baggers
  • A-Maize-Bags vs. We So Corny

Week 3, June 18th

  • We So Corny vs. Cornadoes
  • A-Maize-Bags vs. The Great Cornholios
  • What the Shuck!?! vs. Baggers

Week 4, June 25th

  • What the Shuck!?! vs. A-Maize-Bags
  • Cornadoes vs. Baggers
  • The Great Cornholios vs. We So Corny

No CornHole on July 4th week. Go have fun!

Week 5, July 9th

  • What the Shuck?!? vs. Baggers
  • We So Corny vs. Cornadoes
  • The Great Cornholioes vs. A-Maize-Bags

Week 6, July 16th

  • TBD to get good seeding

Week 7, July 23rd

  • TBD to get good seeding

Playoff Week, July 30th