PreGame CornHole League Rules

PreGame CornHole Playing Equipment (Boards and Bags)

  • Two PreGame CornHole Board Platforms– approximately 24” x 48” with a 6” diameter hole, centered 9” from top of board and centered 12” from each side edge
  • The front of the board is 3”to 4” from the ground to the top of the playing surface.
  • The back of the board is 12”from the ground to the top of the playing surface.
  • 8 Bags – 4 each of two different colors. Each bag is made from two fabric squares with double-stitched seaming. The bags should be made from a durable fabric like canvas, twill, or synthetic suede. Each bag measures roughly 6” by 6” and weighs 15 to 16 ounces.

PreGame CornHole Court Layout

  • PreGame CornHole Boards: Boards are positioned approximately 24’ from the front edge to front edge of the board.
  • CornHole Pitchers Boxes: A designated pitchers box is a 4’ x 3’ area at each end of the court and on both sides of each board; (4) boxes in all.
  • CornHole Foul Lines: The front edge of the CornHole board is the foul line.

PreGame CornHole Scoring

  • Traditional 21: The game shall be played to the pre-determined number of twenty-one (21) points. The first player/team to reach (or exceed) that amount at the conclusion of a frame is the winner.
  • Woody: Refers to any cornhole bag that has been pitched and remains on the cornhole board playing surface at the conclusion of the frame. Each woody is 1pt.
  • Cornhole – Refers to any cornhole bag that has been pitched and passes through the cornhole board hole at anytime within the frame. Each cornhole is 3pts.
    Cancellation Scoring: The approved method of scoring for the sport of cornhole is “cancellation” scoring. In cancellation scoring, the points of one player cancel out the points of their opponent. Using this method, only one player/team can score in each frame.
  • Example: Red achieves one (1) woody and two (2) cornholes. Blue achieves two (2) woodies and zero (0) cornholes. 7 points – 2 points = Red scores 5 points for that frame.
  • Foul Bags – Refers to any cornhole bag that has not been determined as a “woody” or “cornhole”, or was designated a foul bag as the result of rules violation.
  • Designated Foul Bags – Refers to any cornhole bag that has not been determined as a “woody” or “cornhole”, or was designated a foul bag as the result of rules violation. Bags contacting the ground before reaching the playing surface and bags pitched when a player has crossed the foul line are Foul Bags. If a foul bag lands on the playing surface or comes to rest touching the ground and the board, it must be removed immediately.

Play of the PreGame CornHole Game

Doubles Play:

  • Each team consists of 6 Players. Up to 3 men and at least 3 women
  • Team A competes against Team B – each team is comprised of two (2) people.
  • Each team will stay in their designated lane for the whole game.
  • Players at the headboard will alternate pitching bags until each player has pitched all (4) of his/her bags.
  • Players at the footboard will take score and resume pitching back to the other cornhole board.


  • Players alternate pitching bags (one player at a time) until each player has pitched all (4) of his/her bags.
  • A player must pitch all (4) cornhole bags from their designated cornhole pitchers box.
  • One foot must be completely within the pitcher’s box at the time of releasing the bag.
  • Players must not cross the foul line with their feet before the bag has landed.

Pitching the Next Frame:

  • The player/team who scored in the preceding frame shall pitch first in the next frame. If neither player/team scores, the player/team who pitched first in the preceding frame shall retain first pitch in the next frame.

Raking Cornhole Bags: If bags become piled inside the cornhole board hole and may interfere or obstruct with the next pitch or if there is question whether a cornhole bag would have naturally fallen through the hole, a player may request to “rake” the cornhole bags that have fallen inside the hole.

  • Important note: During raking, all efforts should be made to leave bags on the playing surface undisrupted, in their natural state, and to leave bags that may hang on the rim of the hole from falling inside the hole unnaturally. If a bag is resting on a piled bag, and unavoidably falls into the hole as a result of raking, then it shall be counted as a “cornhole.”

League Scoring

  • Each team will consist of up to 3 men and at least 3 women.
  • Games are played as doubles matches (1 man and 1 woman).
  • Teammates are positioned on opposite ends of the lane.
  • Rock, paper, scissor will determine which team goes first for the first game of the night.
  • The winning team will go first in the next game.
  • Team will play best 2 out of 3, 3 times each league night.
  • If a team wins the first 2 games of a set, they will play the 3rd game for points.
  • Each set is worth 3 points toward your seeding for the playoffs.


  • Substitutions are allowed. However, When you sign up your team, we expect your 6 players to consistently be there each night.
  • A minimum of 4 players from your team need to be there for each league night and need to play every series.
  • Substitutions do not need to consist of the same 2 people the whole night.
  • If you do not have subs, the opposing team picks the 3rd matchup or any player on the team playing twice in a series.
  • In all instances, a guy must sub for a guy and a girl must sub for a girl.


Please don’t forfeit. Your teammates and opponents count on you to have a full team and competitive game. Each team
must have at least 2 (two) players including 1 (one) male and 1 (one) female to start a game. Game time is forfeit time.
Due to the extremely tight schedule, we strongly suggest arriving 15 minutes before game time.

Tie Breakers for Playoffs/Seedings

  • Total number of points
  • Head-to-head competition
  • Record against other teams in or tied for playoffs (Winning percentage – i.e., 0-1 is same as 0-2, but 1-3 is better than 0-1)
  • Number of wins
  • Record against next best common opponent


8 teams will make the playoffs.The playoffs will be played in the 8th week of the season.

  • All Teams must have 6 players for the playoffs. You may have up to 2 subs but every game counts so all 6 players need to be present to win. 


Our goal in creating PreGame CornHole is to have fun. We hope you keep this in mind when participating. Games will become intense, but you can still be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this being said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by the referee or staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league.

  • No Gambling of any kind is allowed on PreGame CornHole materials. Any games after league play or during league play will be friendly games promoting good sportsmanship. 


  • Any player(s)/team(s) that are involved in a fight will be suspended from all PreGame CornHole Leagues for life. 
  • Any Player can be ejected for ANY reason without warning based on the referee or staff without a warning.
  • A player ejected for ANY reason will be suspended for the next game. If that player is caught playing in that game, the team will forfeit.